Dear BayTran Stakeholders,

Thank you for your support of Proposition 7, the Texas State Constitutional Amendment that provides funding for improving non-tolled state highways and roadways without raising taxes. Voters went to the polls on or before November 3rd and approved the Proposition by a whopping 83% statewide, which clearly sends the message that Texans want better, safer roads. With the passing of Prop 7, BayTran looks forward to working with TxDOT and H-GAC in implementing new roadway improvements in Houston and the Bay Area.

In addition to Proposition 7, Harris County residents also approved a County bond referendum that included the authorization to issue bonds for parks, veterinary care, flood control, and roads. The Road and Bridges Bond Proposal was the largest bond proposal with $700,000 approved for County infrastructure improvements. Though specific roadway projects were not identified, Commissioner Morman and staff are planning to move forward on a number of projects in Precinct 2, and we look forward to partnering with the County to help advance these projects. The bonds will not increase taxes and will be issued over the next seven to ten years beginning in fiscal year 2016-2017.

A big thank you goes to freshman Congressman Brian Babin, 36th Congressional District, for speaking at the BayTran November luncheon. Congressman Babin serves on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He is the Chair of the Subcommittee on Space. The Congressman noted that the succession of the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, was a dramatic moment in U. S. politics. Babin also spoke about the long-term transportation bill he and the House Transportation Committee have been working on. The Transportation Bill recently passed in the House and a similar bill passed in the Senate. The bill is now in Conference with negotiations underway between the two chambers. Congressman Babin also spoke about several other pieces of legislation he has supported recently, including legislation to help the Port of Houston with dredging and safety needs. Thank you, Congressman Babin and staff, for a most informative presentation, and for the support and leadership you provide our region.

BayTran is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Please join us on December 9th at Grazia's Speakeasy as we celebrate the holidays and toast to 25 years of transportation growth and advocacy in the Bay Area.

Happy Thanksgiving. Wishing all a safe and relaxing holiday as we give thanks for our many blessings and opportunities.



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